The Days May Be Different But The News Stays The Same

  • Have you heard? This 26-year-old woman — 9 months pregnant — has been missing for almost a week. Are you as sick and tired of hearing about abducted and assaulted young women and girls as we are? [CNN]
  • The fewer female relatives a woman has, the more likely she is to contract a certain type of breast cancer. [ABC]
  • Women more likely to die from diabetes than men. Could this have anything to do with some of them leaving the disease untreated in order to lose a few fucking pounds? [Chicago Tribune]
  • More adolescent girls — particularly 19-year-olds —are having abortions than ever before in the U.K; this news comes one week after UK officials announced that teens in England and Wales are "in the grip of a sexual health crisis, fuelled by a 'celebrity culture' that condoned alcohol abuse, drug addiction and promiscuity." [Telegraph]