Is SNL's Andy Samberg A Bad Feminist?

  • The women at Feministing wonder if Andy Samberg was being an "ironic hipster douche" when he wore a "National Organization For Women—Berkeley" tee to a Spike TV awards-show. Our verdict: Samberg may be a hipster but he's probably not being ironic; he grew up in Berkeley. [Feministing]
  • The British women who think we're bad feminists pass along this report: Toddlers begin to understand and react to gender stereotypes from as young as 2 years of age. [TheFWord]
  • Just a few days after the report about new guidelines for identifying symptoms of ovarian cancer comes word that doctors have proven that a "common breast cancer drug can significantly cut relapse rates." [Guardian]
  • Two women in the NYTimes obit section today: R&B singer Nellie Lutcher, 94, and Ruth Bell Graham, 87, wife of Billy. [NYTimes]