Real-Life Barbie Dolls Get Their Own Airline

  • A new airline, Fly Pink, is offering flights between the UK and Paris (the city, not Hilton) "in customized pink planes" and with "pink champagne and complimentary manicures before take-off." [Guardian]
  • Apparently, there's a Christian adoption group that specializes placing "pre-born children" in homes. What are "pre-born children"? Frozen, fertilized eggs. [Economist
  • Researchers think that injections with a synthetic hormone used to treat diabetes may help with weight loss. We say: If you're gonna shove a needle into your flesh, why not just get lipo? [ABCNews]
  • There are fewer women working in manufacturing nowadays in the U.K., says a British government office. Maybe that's because all the jobs got outsourced to women in places like China! [Guardian]
  • One woman in NY Times obits section: Janet S. Seiner, 88, former commissioner for NYC's Department for the Ageing. [NYTimes]