Bad Ad: Oh Well, We Always Liked Hubba Bubba More Anyway

  • Offensive or stupid? We'll laugh at pretty much anything but yeah, this is kinda bad. [Feministing]
  • Another, less-troubling side of vaginal reconstruction. [Feministing]
  • Female porn stars are supporting Hillary Clinton. Radar]
  • Women who aren't porn stars also supporting Hillary Clinton. [ABCNews]
  • Gen-X moms get their way in the modern workplace. [Babble]
  • A blogger on Babble stresses the importance of creating good memories for kids on family vacations. Ha! Wonder what she'd say about that camping trip back in the '80s in which our parents split up? [Babble]
  • God we love the internet. Britain is getting ready to create an online list of deadbeat dads. [Telegraph]
  • Got fibroids? Here are some ways to deal with them. [CNN]
  • Second female Afghan journalist gunned down within five days. [Guardian]