Sienna Miller And Tods? "Fo-Ho" Sheezy!

  • You'll never believe this, but a fashion house (Tod's) is going to eschew skinny models in favor of... a skinny starlet! And in case you didn't recognize Sienna Miller over there, she invented "foho" style — that's folk-bohemian, for those of you who might have thought that sounded a little redundant. [WWD, last item]
  • Victoria Beckham accepted her Glamour UK Woman of The Year Award in sequined Chanel hotpants. We can't think of a funny made-up "achievement" to riff on here, but maybe when she does that reunion album later this year they can rename her Really Scary Spice. [Vogue UK]
  • Karl Lagerfeld has just finished shooting Babel star Rinko Kikuchi for Chanel Cruise 2008. Cause nothing says cruisewear like having played an angry deaf girl? [WWD, 2nd item]
  • Hot young thing Erin Fetherston is rumored to be the next designer up for a 'GO International for Target' collection. And yeah, there are still people whose lives are boring enough to actually start "rumors" about the next-big-Target-high-low-collaboration. But we could honestly give a shit, what with Donna Karan fixing health care and Sarah Jessica Parker designing for a chain that is basically the next-best-thing to the 99 cent store. What about you call us when Miuccia Prada inks a deal with Amy Fisher, then we'll talk? [WWD, last item]
  • Caché, that store where your mom and all of her friends bought their dresses to wear to your cousin's bar mitzvah, radically drops its second quarter earnings forecast. Maybe Chico's started a bar mitzvah line?[WSJ, sub req'd]
  • Jeffrey Kalinsky, of the luxury Atlanta and NYC stores bearing his name, is going full-time at Nordstrom — the famously customer service oriented department store chain where he's currently a consultant — in exchange for a stake at his boutiques, where the salespeople are more known more for the "fuck you" theory of customer service. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Here's the most culturally sensitive lede we've read all day! "Hermès may offer turbans fit for a maharajah soon". [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Evan-Picone founder and Tootsie/Chinatown/Urban Cowboy producer Charles Evans died yesterday at the age of 81. [NYT]