We Have Always Loved That Handsome Cuba Gooding, Jr.

  • Onetime Academy Award-winner and friend-of-Elmo Cuba Gooding Jr. saves a gunshot victim outside Roscoe's House Of Chicken 'N' Waffles in L.A. [Gatecrasher]
  • It's a good thing Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina (the "White Oprah!") never tried to run with that "former Radio City Rockette" thing since it turns out she was never a Rockette! [Page Six]
  • When Bruce Willis flew into a rage over the whole my-wife's-boychik-is-prettier-than-Rumer thing, Will Smith said to him: "Dude." And some other stuff. But somehow, it solved things. [Page Six]
  • Paris Hilton is apparently fasting in prison. We wish we could say the same for the news organizations "covering" her stint in solitary, but it's actually been more like all-u-can-eat surf-turf night, with biz pages weighing in (book news!) talk of a Barbra Walters special, and Page Six even taking interest in her little brother Barron, who was mugged yesterday. [TMZ]
  • And speaking of bleak pictures! The Republican presidential candidates debating in New Hampshire distanced themselves from Bush. We'd tell you if we thought the pundits who said McCain "won" were right but we were — pathetic! agreed! — re-seeing this movie about how, you know, Hollywood's family values are actually more conservative than any of the GOP candidates.' [CNN]
  • Hey, Nicole Richie saw 'Knocked Up' too! [MSNBC]