Limited Brands Would Like You To Buy An Angel Bra

  • Gisele got out just in time: Limited Brands — the owner of Limited, Express, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret and probably some other highly-fragranced mall-type stores — is floundering, trying to sell off parts and blaming weak sales on gas prices, cold weather. [WSJ]
  • But Target is so just not having that problem! [WWD, sub req'd]
  • The ever-ailing Gap taps Patrick Robinson as design chief. Who? Just another notoriously tempestuous designer whose two greatest accomplishments are a Target collection and a Vogue connection (his wife is fashion market director Virginia Smith). [WWD]
  • Mighty Heart, mighty bad memory: Angelina, uh, "forgot" to wear St. John — the house that tapped her to replace its own crazy Kelly Gray — to her movie's premiere in Cannes this week. [LA Times]
  • Burberry, which just insisted its retail strategy was all about exclusivity, announced it will be expanding its retail outlets by 13% in the coming year. Because nothing keeps the lumpen away quite like providing them with even more opportunities to engage with your product! [Guardian]
  • Puma goes high-end: Its new Urban Mobility line includes a belt that won't set off the metal-detector at the airport. [Fashion Inc.]
  • Now that the battle fashion house Valentino's ownership has settled, we can resume wondering if the 75-year-old fashion designer after whom it's named will hand over the reins any time soon. Yeah, yeah, he's not talking; he's too busy playing with his damn dogs. [WWD, sub req'd]