Natalie And Andy Sitting In Tree...

  • We were never particularly smitten with her [Speak for yourself. -Ed.], but now that actress Natalie Portman may be boning SNL's Andy Samberg, things are looking up. [US Weekly,via LSE]
  • Anna Nicole Smith's sister: "I don't even believe Anna thought she would ever see any of that money. It was just a tool she used for keeping the media interested in her." Also: "I just had a birthday and I'm going to treat myself to new boobs." [Page Six]
  • Not sure about you, but when we think of Dina Lohan we think more "apolitical Ann Coulter" than "white Oprah." [Page Six]
  • Court TV anchor Ashleigh Banfield's work ethic is such that she ignored birthing contractions to keep at work on a story for Cosmopolitan. Uh. And her media savvy is such that she told "Page Six" all about it. [Page Six]
  • A Hollywood actress marrying for a reason other than love or career advancement? Brittany Murphy may be her new husband's green card wife. [Page Six]
  • Uber-agent and Entourage inspiration Ari Emmanuel has "mellowed since America found out that he's a douche." (Which is to say, the Entourage-watching segment of America, which means pretty much 74% of dudes between the ages of 18 and 50.) [Gatecrasher]