Lindsay Lohan's New Boyfriend Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

  • OMG trouble in "Coke N Bloke" paradise! The fame slut Lindsay Lohan is sleeping with attracts his own fame slut who blabs about it to the gossip press in an episode that vaguely recalls that time Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander went on a date. Sure, act like you don't remember that. [Rush & Molloy]
  • We're not sure whether Britney is attending the Lohan School of Sobriety or if it's the other way around so we're just going with both of them being equally rigorous followers of the Bukowski method. [Cindy Adams]
  • The body issues of the boxing world continue to totally gross us out: What does Sylvester Stallone need with 48 vials of human growth hormone at age 60? Maybe he's selling to Khaliah Ali. [Globe & Mail]
  • Which pair of Texan sisters suddenly seems to have changed places, with the former party girl disappearing from the club scene while the former brunette bookwoorm parties up a storm? No, not The Simpsons! The ones with the Secret Service detail who arrive in matching white linen outfits! [Page Six]
  • After a tiff with the boyfriend, Kate Bosworth heads to Pete Wentz's sex-in-the-bathroom bar with Helena Christensen for a "girl's night." We wish that sounded lesbo or something but actually, it probably just involved a lot of coke. [Page Six]
  • We have never been to Bungalow 8, but the slow news day news of Petra Namcova necking Stavros Niarchos there made us guess it must be like the Cheers of the plutotrash, with Stavros as Sam, Paris as Diane and probably one of those soundtracks that makes you want to cut yourself. [Page Six]