Nestle: "Good Food, Good Life"?

  • Does someone you know love NesQuik? Might be time to switch to Ovaltine! Nestle — among other infant-formula manufacturers — is again doing wrong by the world's less-fortunate children. [Guardian]
  • Speaking of infant nutrition: More and more American employers are instituting lactation programs for working, breastfeeding mothers. [USA Today]
  • More baby news. (Waa!). A British company is marketing an over-the-counter test that purports to tell expectant moms whether they're carrying a boy or a girl. [USA Today]
  • Hillary Clinton's campaign is going after single women voters, 22 million of whom didn't vote in the last presidential election. [FiredogLake]
  • Sexually harassed at work? It might be because you act like a man. [Broadsheet]