Broadsides: Ricki Lake, 195 Lbs. And Naked In A Bathtub

  • Maybe we're heartless, uptight, barren, jealous bitches but we so do not want to see Ricki Lake giving birth. [HuffingtonPost]
  • Gloria Steinem: Fashion diva? Or victim of vicious rumor spread by the evil Rupert Murdoch? [PageSix, 2nd item]
  • 48% of young girls surveyed in India wish they were boys. Why? Because, some of their parents give them less to eat than their brothers. [TheFWord]
  • A "respected astrophysicist" in England was set free despite being caught photographing up the skirt of a young girl in Trafalgar Square. [The Sun]
  • Processed red meats have been linked to breast cancer. Like pretty much everything else. [CNN]
  • A technology-based world without the involvement of women involved is no world at all. Universities like Carnegie Mellon and Brown University are actively trying to interest women in the field of computer science. [NYTimes]