Broadsides: Men: Now Really Good For Nothing

  • Scientists may someday make sperm cells out of human bone marrow, thereby totally negating the need for men to help make babies. Oh, and the babies that would result from this special sperm? All girls. [Salon, BBC]
  • In other baby news, a woman in California has given birth to the first baby conceived in the U.S. via a frozen egg and a frozen sperm. [CNN]
  • India has wisely dropped its requirement that female civil service workers chart their menstrual cycles on medical forms. [BBC]
  • A conservative group is suing the FDA over the agency's approval for Plan B, saying it was politically motivated. And some feminists agree. ]
  • 3-year-old girls: Future Feminists of America! [Alas, A Blog]
  • One woman in the Times' obits today: Dakota Staton, 76, immensely-talented but under-appreciated jazz vocalist. [NYTimes]