News At 10: Paula Zahn "Really" Hates Animals

  • Hawk-evictor and CNN anchor Paula Zahn's new boyfriend is chairman of a company that operates animal-processing factory farms. [NYDN]
  • Tom Cruise is coming to New York to host an April 19 benefit to promote his Scientology-approved "detox" regimen for 9/11 emergency workers. [NYPost]
  • Girls Gone Wild's Joe Francis refuses to give himself up to authorities on a contempt citation. We can't wait for the white Bronco chase down the 405. [ABCNews]
  • Fun with Bill O'Reilly! The Fox News blowhard freaks — and we mean freaks — at Geraldo Rivera. [CrooksandLiars]
  • Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber don't want their child born out of wedlock. PageSix]
  • Speaking of babes: Is Gwen Stefani pregnant again? [Flynet]