As we know from Slate, women can get particularly nasty when competing with each other, and as we know from real life - and also, the show Dirt — they get even nastier when it is media coverage they are seeking. Which is why we introduce to you today Win-Win For The Gender! - a series that celebrates women through their catfights, quarrels and showdowns, simply for being women - and, one hopes, pretty.

Exhibit A is Anna Nicole vs. Walter Reed. Some organization called ThinkProgress came out today with a study and supplemental video reel slamming the cable news channels for devoting more coverage to the ongoing Anna Nicole-Howard K-baby saga three weeks after her death than to Walter Reed.


Who is Walter Reed, you ask? Actually, he is some nineteenth century military epidemiologist, but the real epidemic at the Maryland military hospital that bears his name was the abject, unconscionable neglect of soldiers injured in Iraq. But you knew that! Well, maybe not, if you were watching Fox News, which featured only 10 mentions of the hospital on its Friday news coverage to ANS's 121. (CNN mentioned ANS 40 times to WR's 53.) But lest we bury the lead, we're calling this "controversy" a win-win for women because not only is Anna Nicole a pretty woman who rose above adversity, but Walter Reed's conditions were uncovered by a pretty woman herself, the above pictured Washington Post reporter Dana Priest. Dana has a, shall we say, less overtly, um, sexualized take on her femininity, but she is totally pretty, which may be how she got those guys at the CIA to tell her about the secret prisons where we were torturing terror suspects in Eastern Europe. Go Dana! You totally beat a dead Anna on, um, one of the cable channels.

Fox News Devoted 12 Times More Coverage To Anna Nicole Than Walter Reed [ThinkProgress]