It's one of life's greatest tragedies that wearing too much of these:

Hammer time.

Can lead to these:


Hammer time.



You could throw away your Jimmy Choo's and wear these:

Hammer time.

for the rest of your life.

Or you could just say hello to Yoga Toes, which claims to help with a dazzling array of ailments, including bunions, hammer toes, sciatica, fallen arches, and decapitation. Okay, maybe not the last one.

According to the blurb:

"[Yoga Toes] work while you kick your feet up and relax. YogaToes will stretch, strengthen, and align foot muscles. This action increases circulation, straightens bent toes, and can even realign the bones. YogaToes are truly revolutionary."

It's about as close to Yoga as I'm willing to get.