At some point, the humble cupcake, so lovingly promoted by our favorite naughty writer appears to have become a philosophy, a political movement, and a social force to be reckoned with.

The deal? You invite the guests and bake the cupcakes, and the "mysterious" and the rather cute Johnny Cupcakes will come round and lick frosting off your nipples. Well, he won't actually do that, but he'll bring round his clothing line and you and your friends can get your paws on a whole bunch of goodies, from undies ($14.99)

My cupcake runneth over.


to bunnies ($35.99 if you like that kind of thing)

My cupcake runneth over.


and limited edition individually numbered teeshirts ($33.99) so you can hug yourself with the joy of being cooler than all your friends

My cupcake runneth over.

Fuck the diet.