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How much weirder can the Olsen twins actually get?

From their skeletal big-headed sapphic contortions on the red carpet, to drugs, anorexia and having their boyfriends stolen by Paris Hilton, now they apparently want to do a TV series about health. And there's more.


Us Weekly reports that it's going to be aimed at 4-to-5-year-old children and will be called 'Sportee Kids'.

"Some execs are weirded out to do a show about food and nutrition with the Olsens," says a source.

You don't say? Perhaps because 4-to-5-year-old kids really don't need to take health and nutrition tips from a pair of alien washed-up child stars whose chief talent is dodging paparazzi.


What next? Lindsay Lohan says drugs are bad, kids!? Tara Reid tells teens that alcohol ruins lives?