If you're a woman, you've likely already heard the good news (it should have arrived in a tiny folded up note that appears magically inside your own vagina). Thanks to recent events, we run all the shit now! Car companies? Run by ladies. The military? Boom. Women. The federal chair? He is now a she. It's our world, bitches, and we won't stop until every ladies restroom has a couch in it. HAHAHA, Earth is ourssssssssss.

While some men like Brit Hume have been resistant to the New World Order (don't worry, they'll "accidentally" die choking on a tampon any day now), others like Jon Stewart are ready to share power with their female counterparts. Aw, it's so cute that they think we're going to share!

Really, it'll be easier for you boys if you don't fight your new womyn overlords. As Kristen Schaal proves, you are about to know (psychological) pain like you've never known before.